23.8.2016Arla Pitkämäki

A guide to running a subvertisement workshops

Linkki materiaaliin: http://www.eetti.fi/sites/default/files/VASTAMAINOS_ENG_2016_web%20%282%29.pdf

Tuotantovuosi: 2016

Tuottaja: Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry

Subvertisement_Workshop-page1Teaching media literacy & geographies of consumption – a guide to running a subvertisement workshop is a guide for educators to use in teaching. In a subvertisement workshop one can discuss world trade, analyse product advertising, and make their own subvertisements.

The guide sets out an approach to teaching media literacy and the geographies of consumption that has been developed by the NGO Pro Ethical Trade Finland (Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry), with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. A subvertisement workshop involves interpreting and subverting the messages made in product advertising. With their teachers, students are shown how to critically read advertisements brought into the classroom and encouraged to work out:

  • How images and texts are designed to convey a message about a commodity
  • How advertisements convey relationships between people, places and things
  • What claims advertisements make about the origins and uses of commodities and what information and imagery is missing
  • How advertisements can be altered to convey alternative messages
  • How and where subvertisements can encourage critical readings of advertisements?

See more information and an introduction video on YouTube.
The guide can be downloaded here. One can ask for a paper version of the guide by sending email to eeva.kemppainen(at)eetti.fi.
The guide is available in Finnish here.