The Finnish Society on Media Education

The Finnish Society on Media Education, founded in 2005 by Finnish researchers and practitioners within media education, is an association operating nation-wide in two main languages (Finnish and Swedish). The society and its activities are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Our aim is to support and develop the field of research and practices concerning media education, contribute to the public debate and provide opportunities to share media educational experiences online and offline. We have about 200 personal members from all over the country (teachers, early childhood pedagogues, social workers, librarians and more). We have more than 50 community members, among them are film centres, youth centres, culture centres, associations, companies and so forth.

Finnish Society on Media Education is a member of UN-Alliance of Civilizations Media Literacy Education Clearinghouse and in co-operation with International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media.

The board of FSME 2013-2014

  • Postdoctoral researcher Olli Vesterinen, Koulu kaikkialla -project, University of Helsinki, Chairman (Helsinki)
  • Executive director Tapio Kujala, The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (Helsinki)
  • Coordinator Jaana Fedotoff, The Centre of Youth Affairs (Oulu)
  • Executive director Outi Freese, Koulukinoyhdistys/Skolbioföreningen (Helsinki)
  • Professor Teemu Leinonen, Media Lab / Aalto University (Helsinki)
  • Planner Pirjo Sallmén,
  • Counsellor of Education Pirjo Sinko, the Finnish National Board of Education (Helsinki)
  • Media producer Jere Rinne, Otava Folk High School (Kemiönsaari)


  • Professor Sirkku Kotilainen, University of Tampere (Jämsä)
  • Project coordinator Hanna Niinistö, University of Helsinki (Helsinki)
  • Journalist Pauliina Grönholm, Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki)
  • Finnish Safer Interner Centre Project Manager Suvi Tuominen, Finnish Centre for Media Education & Audiovisual Media (Helsinki)
  • Senior Researcher Sol-Britt Arnolds-Granlund, Åbo Akademi (Vaasa)


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