This is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You can send your own question to us via Feedback-form.

What is the Finnish Society on Media Education?
The Finnish Society on Media Education, founded in 2005, is an association operating nationwide in two main languages (Finnish and Swedish). Our aim is to support and develop the field of research and practices concerning media education, contribute to the public debate and provide opportunities to share media education experiences online and offline. Our office is in Helsinki.
Who are the members of the Finnish Society on Media Education?
We have more than 200 members in this association. We accept Finnish members only. The Board of Finnish society on media education approves new members in board meetings about six times in a year. Most of our members are teachers, researchers, kindergartners, youth workers, librarians, and workers in the media branch. We also have community members, such as NGO´s, firms, associations and schools. The list of community members can be found in Finnish here.
Where do I get more information about media literacy in Finland?
Right in this website. You can also order our international newsletter or follow us in the social media. 
I have an international project and I would like to get Finnish participants in it. What should I do?
Interesting! We are pleased to inform about your project in our national newsletter with almost 4000 recipients. We can also publish all sorts of reports, news, materials and project descriptions on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have co-operation ideas!
I have one great material which I would love to share with you. Is it possible?
The website www.mediaeducation.fi is a perfect place for your materials. You can send them anytime, for free and by using three different languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. We will promote the content for free for our members and the subscribers of our newsletter and readers of our online channels.