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Mediaeducation.fi: Newsletter Spring 2017

In this newsletter

  • Finland’s 100 years of independency is celebrated with 100 ideas for media education
  • EU report on media literacy published – FSME reported Finnish projects
  • Article ”Coding in schools” compares Finnish and South Korean school curricula
  • Media Education Conference in November in Rovaniemi, Finland – Call for papers!

Greetings from the Finnish Society on Media Education! 

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide information about the Finnish media education field and to present the latest news, projects, and organisations working with media education. The newsletter is published twice a year and keeps you updated on what is going on in the field of media education in Finland. Thank you for subscribing!

Feel free to contact us at the Finnish Society on Media Education (FSME):

  • if you have questions about media literacy education in Finland,
  • if you need project partners,
  • if you have online materials in English or Swedish, which we could pass on to Finnish teachers, youth workers, and other professionals in the field,
  • if you are interested in media literacy research in Finland.

You can contact us:

Finland 100 years – 100 ideas for media education

Finland is celebrating its 100 years of independency in 2017. Finnish Society on Media Education is participating the jubilee by presenting the variety of practices in the field of the Finnish media education. Our gift for the 100-year-old Finland is called “100 ideas for Media Education”. During the year, a set of 10 ideas from different themes are published each month from February to November (excl. July). The year culminates in December, when the FSME will launch the complete set of 100 ideas. Read more here.

EU report on media literacy – FSME produced Finland’s report

European Audiovisual Observatory has published a report on media literacy and media education projects in EU member states. The study is the first major mapping of this field in Europe. According to the study, level of media literacy activity in Europe varies significantly across countries. Finnish media literacy field is considered broad and active from European perspective.

The report presents media literacy actions of all 28 EU member states and FSME has produced Finland’s section of the report. Five interesting and significant projects in the promotion of media literacy in each of the member states have been collected. Explore the Finnish projects here. Read more about the report here.

Coding in schools: Comparing Integration of Programming into Basic Education Curricula of Finland and South Korea

CodingConsidering the relatively broad consensus on the role of programming skills in the era of ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, many countries have begun integrating coding in their public curricula.

A new FSME article “Coding in Schools: Comparing integration of programming into basic education curricula of Finland and South Korea” written by Katri Schroderus and Sei Kwon, takes a look at how coding is integrated into the basic education systems and curricula in Finland and South Korea.

Read the full article here. Read also a blog post written by the authors.

Guidelines for digital youth work

Verke is the National Development Centre for Digital Youth Work in Finland. Verke has, together with Save the Children Finland, EHYT, and Finnish national youth departments developed Guidelines for digital youth work.

Guidelines help organizations develop their digital youth work skills and departments. The publication consists of eight guidelines which include practical measures.  Download the guidelines in pdf here.

New publication: Citizens in a Mediated World

Citizens in a Mediated World is a new Nordicom publication. The publication deals with questions that arise from the new digital era and media culture. How do we meet and treat propaganda or extremism? How Media and Information Literacy (MIL) can contribute to promoting the rights of children and young people? Importance of critical media literacy, communication skills and competencies for creative and responsible content production are emphasized in the publication. Read more here.

Power of peers – Bullying prevention in the digital age

Mannerheim League for Child Welfare has published a material ”Power of peers – Bullying prevention in the digital age”. The material provides a preventive approach and a practical guide to integrate youth participation and digital dimension in bullying prevention. It provides tools and integrates theoretical knowledge and recent studies on bullying with practical time-tested activities and examples from schools. Read more here.

Media Education Conference 2017 in Rovaniemi, Finland: Call for papers

Media Education Conference (MEC 2017) is organized by the Centre for Media Pedagogy at the University of Lapland, on 27 – 28 November 2017 in Rovaniemi, Finland. Themes and topics discussed during the conference are Playful and Game-Based Learning, Media Literacies and Internet and Social Media in Everyday Life, amongst others.

Call for papers:

The organizers are now calling for abstracts maximum 450 words. An abstract for either oral or poster presentation can be submitted. Deadline for abstract submissions is 21 August 2017.

Read more of the conference and of the call for papers here.

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